Trousuers are dead, long live dresess!

As a woman you probably know the idea of a dress beeing something not practical, only for special occasions, surely not for doing any sport and most of all weared only in summer season. That was my thinking for almost 20 years of my life.
Since I move out from my parents house and got a one room apartment when I had a dining room, bedroom and a study room on 20 square metres, I needed to take a look at my wardrobe and make it fit in a two door cabinet. What I found out was, that I have owned 23 pairs of trousers and 14 dresses. Is that the number of trousers that shocked you? I was suprised that I was the owner of 14 dresess, but wearing maximal two of them and not more than 4 times a year.
I decided to change my clothing habits and wear dresses at least one day a week. After few months the number od "dress days" was growing till the time I have been wearing jeans only one or two times in month. I started wearing dresses in a laboratory, while hiking, jogging, riding a bike...
Thanks to my love to dresses I found out how much fun it is to make them and this is what I would love to share here - my diary of making dresses.

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