Who am I?

I am asking myself this question, since I only remember. I have had a lot of functions in my Life: a child, a little sister, a friend, a bridesmaid, an immigrant, a student... But in every of this categories, there was one think I have always loved the most, and they were clothes.

I was born in a very beautiful small town without knowing what the fashion really is. Since I had a brother, a lot of clothes I was wearing, were boys items and more of all trousers. It would be false to say, that I wanted to wear dresses since I remember. I loved playing with my older brother, so the dress would not match playing football or going into forest. The change happened, when I was about 7 and my parents bought a satellite for our television. Since this day, beside our national canals, I discovered plenty of new ways of thinking.

Yes, thanks to television and more or less some French/ Italian stations like F Fashion and Moda, I saw beauty in textiles, and fabrics. Even at this time of my life I did not speak any French or Italian, it was surely not an obstacle to watch thousands of woman in the prettiest dresses and gowns in the world, walking in my direction, every day of the week.

My first sewing machine. Long live the sewing machine!
Oh I was fascinated. I gave up my dream of becoming an actress to become a fashion designer. I took italian lessons in school to be prepared to live in Milan one day, and I started drawnig my own projects. But unfortunatelly, I am not a very talented person when it comes to drawing. After some unfavorable comments from my parents, I gave up.

Some years have passed. I have not become a fashion designer, not even an actress. Nowadays I live in the city in my own small appartment and just round the corner, there is a fabric shop. At the beginnig I was ignorng it, but the fine colours of fabrics and ready to wear creations made by other sewing addicts in the window of the shop, have waken up a part of me, that wanted to be a designer.   In January 2017 I get a sewing machine, as a birthday gift. At the beginning I did not know anything about sewing nor the handling of the machine.

But after some days and some fabric tote bags, I have decided to make my first dress. Since theday, I have gotten a machine, I have not bought any clothes.

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