Eastern dress in making

It is march, the temperature is getting higher, sunlight is an often guest at my apartment and my winter jacket has already been packed in a bag and is waiting for the next winter. Maybe I am too optimistic, but I feel the Spring is ahead of us. I would love to unpack my summer dresses and start wearing jeans jackets as the main garment in my outfits. 
My yellow corduroy fabric for the Eastern dress. It is made out of 100 % cotton.
As the new season is coming and the presence of sun provides us with a new amount of energy I am willing to make something new, and bring a new colour in my wardrobe. I do not have any yellow dress in my wardrobe. I was never sure if i look good in yellow. My beauty type in a 4 season colour analysis is winter, what says that the best colours that fit my skin are the cold one. It is very difficult to find the right tone while I am buying my fabrics online, but i finally found the one I liked and there is where the journey begins.

The pattern I used for this dress is been used for at least two other dresses I made. This time I made one modification in the front bodice part, s you can see on the picture below. I created three six parts bosice instad of two part one. By the way, I still have problems with sewing darts.  The skirt is obviously a long one as I hope I will wear maxi dressses more often.

I divided a bodice in three parts in the fornt and three part at the back.
The corduroy is a nice fabric to sew. The only problem is, that the small parts of one are everywhere. Tip for the future - using an overlock as soon as possible! I am not sure now, if I should sew a lining under the gournment or finish the dress with a piping. I will give me few days to think about it.

For the whole dress I used 2 meters of fabric.



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