10 Table napkins made of linen

I had this Idea since I get my sewing machine, but I have never known what fabric would be the best for my napkins. The most important thing here is, that they will look creased all the time, but I still wanted them to be made from a natural fabric. Unfortunately I can not have both. At the end I did not needed to think about it anymore because I bought this blue linen fabric. 

The story of this fabric is the one of my "regret buying" stories. There was a sale in the online fabric store oat the end of the summer season, so as a STILL buying obsessed person, I needed to get something. And I bought it. It looked very nice on the picture, less nice on me, so I decide to use it for something else. That is where I recall myself my need to have a "sustainable napkins" ¹. I had 2 meters of gabric and get 10 napkins. Two of them are a little bit improvised, but still, better that, than throw out the leftovers.

¹ Since I have them, I thought a little bit about their sustainability. I am not sure if the paper napkins are not better, because i did not need to wash them at least after every usage(what require an usage of electricity, washing powder, water, and a washing machine).

Here I am uploading a short video, that was very helpful in making my napkins "How to sew mitered corner":

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