Pimp my jacket

I am eager for some hand embroidery. I have never tried it before, but since I am a huge Pinterest fan and  I see magnificient dresses with hand emroidery every day on my Pint-wall,  I needed to try it. 
I bought a thread made from 100 % wool, and searched some instructions on youtube. I found a very nice video with some basic stitches, and it seems so easy to do, that I pull out my favourite, one and only, 15 year old Jeans jacket , and without any regrets I started stitching. 

As you can see on the picture below, I used two stitches from this video. I started stitching with the green feather following the instrunctions for the "feather stitch". Although the method is very simple, I have made some errors by the first stitches and I immediately regreted, that I took my favourite jacket as for my first emroidery experience. After this small failure, I decided to make some small red flowers to distract the attention from my errors above. For flowers I used the "french knot" stich.

The whole work took me 10 minutes. The biggest problem was, that jeans fabric was too thick to fit in my new embroidery hoop, that keeps the fabric taut, so the stitching doesn't pucker the fabric. 
As for the first time, I am very glad of how it come out. I would like to pimp the whole jacket with some basic stitches, as soon as I buy some preatty threads.

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