First Maxi dresss

Finally I have something to show! I have made this dress two months ago, the only thing I was missing was a sunny weather and a little bit ironing. The inspiration for this dress was the fabric, which I saw in Burda Style Magazine in I was in love with this fabric the first moment i have seen , and bought in my stationery fabric shop. I was never into stripes. I thought they make the body look bigger till I saw this pretty summer dress, which you can see below.  

Dress on the left Dress Dress on the right
I decided to make vertical stripes, that make the body looks thinner and slim. I choose the pattern from Burda Style 4/2016 pattern numer 121.Un fortunately I did not undertood the instructions correctly and although I made features pleats, I forgot to make the hole in neckline. Still I really like this loose fitting style of the body. This is not the last time I am sewing this dress.

I like how the stripes at the back are matching. For this dress I bought 2 meters of fabric, and used about 170 cm. There is also a white, 100% cotton lining under the body, and some interlinings in the belt. I have also made something with the rest of the fabric, I hope I will show you soon!

Now I just need to enjoy my cotton summer dress and think about new summer projects. There are a lot of fabrics waiting for me and I am ought to make more long dresses. There is something magical in having to hike up a skirt while you are walking upstairs, don't you think?

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