A hut in beige

I can finally start doing my beige hut. At the beginning I was not into having a scarf and a hut in the same colour. I wanted to have a red scarf and a fine, calm hut. I have bought this yarn two months ago and the only reason I haven't done it yet, was my fear, that I will destroy the yarn. But since I have made a red one few days ago, I feel much confident in knitting and i am going to risk it.

The video with instructions I used to make the hut was the one from the knittlover "Sleep & Stitch". The video is quite long, but there you can find everything you need to know about knitting.

At the beginning of my knitting adventure I was very disappointed with the end effect of my creations. But after so many hours of work, and so many coffies and tees spend with knitting needle I am thinking about my new knitting projects. I really enjoyed the time I have spent with the yarn, and since I want to have only self made wardrobe, I would also need some sweaters and pullovers.

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