My first knitt ever

With the first snowflake falling down at my Acrylic Pom Pons winter hat, I found out, that every winter item I got has maximal 5 % wool in its composition. How awful, I spend a lot of money at my scarfs, hats and caps, and everything I got is a syntetic fabric in a pretty nice colour.

Than I started to think about investing some money in a 100% wool Scarf. The idea was good, but the realization was far more difficult than I thought. There are two types of wool ware on the market:
- things made from a mixture of yarn, like wool and other synthetic staff,
- things made from wool only, but which I am not fancy of.

Then the idea was born, I could actually make one of my own don't I?
The next day, I was deterimated, I want to do it. I bought 2 hanks of a beige yarn for a hat and 3 hanks of red one for a scarf, open an random youtube video called "knitting for beginners", and prepared myself for doing some magic with my hands. Unfortunately, after 2-3 hours of trying, I gave up and called my mother. After 20 minutes skype'ing, I could actually move my hands in the right direction without harming the yarn.
Doing this scarf  took me two months. The 100% Merino wool yarn that i bought lastet for maybe 40 centimeters of the scarf. I bought 5 more hanks of the red wool and finished my scarf at 160 centimeters. At the end I payed about 80 CHF only for the yarn and invested a huge amount of hours in doing it.
I hope I do not need to knitt till the next Christmas, because it is actually much difficult than making dresses. Long live the knitters, I should say.

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